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Giardian Warm Roof Tiled Conservatory


Mr & Mrs Smithson

We’ve had a conservatory for about 20 years but hardly ever used it during the winter months because it was too cold. Whatever we did we couldn’t find a way to heat the room to make it comfortable.

One Christmas the whole family came round so we made it into a dining room for the kids but even they didn’t stay in there and as soon as they had eaten they all went into the front room.

Another time when we needed to use the room in January we had two of these mobile electric radiators on all day but it was still to cold. The other problem was the noise the old roof used to make. The rain sounded like a drum – you just couldn’t relax it was that loud.

But anyway – all those problems are a thing of the past. We’ve had our new roof for about six months and it’s fantastic. It was nice and cool all through July and August. Even when the midday temperature got up to 30 degrees and because we love our garden we now use our conservatory as our day-room. We can relax, read, listen to music and enjoy lunch in a comfortable quiet place. I just wish we’d known about the Guardian roof earlier. We first heard about it from our retired friends who live on the South Coast, they had it done last year and told us that it had literally changed their life – her husband likes sport on TV so he can stay in the front room all day while she has her radio and books and some peace and quite.

We can definitely recommend the Guardian Roof. It was fitted in less than a week and they’ve done such a nice job. The roof matches the rest of the house and it looks just perfect.

Take our advice – get a solid roof – it’ll change the way you use your conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory

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